Creating a nuget library with octopus deploy

We have a shared library between multiple projects we want to use. I don’t want a post-build event to copy/move the files to ${OutputDirectory}\lib*.dll. It would make more sense imo just to do the translation within octopack to move everything in the output directory to an output of lib with a nuspec file.

I am using Octopack to build the nuget. Then pushing to our nuget server, not to octopus deploy like I would a web application.

However, I don’t want to define the version in the nuspec and instead want it to be defined by the team city build number. Is there a way to do that?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<package xmlns="">
      <title>Titan Shared Nuget</title>
     <version>{Can I put the octopus version number here somehow?}</version>
      <authors>Titan Dev Team</authors>
      <owners>Titan Dev Team</owners>
      <description>shared library used for multiple titan projects</description>  
    <file src="bin\**\*.dll" target ="lib" />
    <file src="bin\**\*.pdb" target="lib" />

Hi Chase,

You can do this by setting the version to $version$ in the file and passing the correct version at the command line to msbuild. See the OctoPack documentation for more information.

Please also see my response to your stackoverflow post.

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