Create Task logs using OctopusClient dll

I was using Octopus Client Dll with C# for import purposes from JSON to the server. I was able to import project, variables, process, channels and releases(without deployments) from JSON files.
However, when trying to import my deployments, I was not able to import the task logs using the client. The only thing that I was able to do is to create new deployments and when I went back to the server the deployments were scheduled and I didn’t get their history.
Is there any documentation helping me with that ??



Thanks for reaching out. The task logs cannot be imported using the .NET client. They are physical files sitting on the Octopus server at C:\Octopus\TaskLogs (on a default install). You’re gonna have to move those from one server to the other.

Just so you know, there is a migration tool that could help you with this: