Create project - clone options missing


Usability issue. I’m allergic to different entry points giving different features in UI when it doesn’t have to be that way.

I want to create a new project, and have it cloned from another. I go to projects page and click “Add project”. Nope. Doesn’t give me clone options. I’m sure I’ve seen it so I start looking and eventually find it under the settings page for the project I want to clone from.

All the user should need to do is somehow find the way to “create project” and once there, all options in regards to creating projects should be available. No matter the “entry point”

I went through the same process and found it jarring when I couldn’t figure out where the clone project functionality came from.

Hi Ivar and Eric,

Thanks for your suggestion!

I have created a UserVoice entry at the following location:

Please feel free to vote and comment on the suggestion so we can look at making the changes to the UI.
I personally plan on championing this as I have to agree the clone process is quite hidden.