Create new release now having loading indicator on the entire page in Octopus Server 3.2.14

In the past version (I can’t remember which one), when I create a new release, it used to load the new release page immediately and have the loading indicator at the “Latest” column.

We have octopus deploy app that usually take a minute for the loading indicator to figure out the latest package version. While it’s loading, I used to be able to type in release information. If the wait is taking too long, I used to be able to override it and manually type specific version number and deploy it. With the new changes, the loading indicator is now the entire page and I’m no longer able to do anything until the loading indicator is gone.

Is there anyway to change it back to the old behavior? If the latest version lookup takes 15 seconds, I still like to see the new release page load immediately and be able to type in the release information.

Attached is the screenshot of the new behavior, where it shows the blank page and the loading indicator.


I agree, the previous behavior was preferable here.

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this at the moment, unless you want to create your releases via the Octopus Deploy REST API.

I have created an issue for us to improve this UI behavior. You are welcome to follow it’s progress.

We appreciate the feedback.

Michael R

Hi, thank you for the response! What is the issue hyper link that I can click on and follow the progress?

Ahh yes. I apologize, I forgot to include it: