Create installer file

I want to use Octopus in my Comany to deploy websites to IIS, but also deploy to a installer file.
The installer files must uploaded to a FTP server and an SQL record must be make for the new version.
The program checks through an API call if a new version is available.

Is that possible witch Octopus or is a better solution that our build server generate the installer file?
I now that i can install tentacles on the pc’s of the customer.
But we have 150 customer and the customer must choice to update.

I have search the discussion board and don’t find a similar question.
Sorry for my English.


Thanks for getting in touch!

Based on the information you have provided I would recommend that your build server builds the installer and then pushes it to Octopus in one of the supported formats.

Once that’s done then in Octopus you can create a project that uploads the installer to your FTP folder using Upload files by FTP [community step template] (

Once installer is uploaded to the folder your users can decide when they want to upgrade.

Please let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.



I think you are right.
With power shell i can also create the corresponding SQL record after the file is uploaded.
But who is responsible for generating the version number Octopus or the Build server because the version is in the DLL files.
The application is a Winforms .net application.

Hi Arjan,

The build server will need to create a file that follows this naming convention. E.g. Octopus then will use as the version of the package.

Please, let me know you go.