Create iis application


I want to create a web application with the following configuration in IIS :

  • Root application (a IIS web Applicaiton)
    - a simple folder (not a IIS Web Application)
    - a folder that i want to convert to a iis web application

How can i convert a folder to a iis web application if its parent is not a iis web application ?
the custom step IIS Application Create does not allow it.


Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay. I’m trying to understand exactly what you need, so i can see if this is a limitation of our step template that we must fix. Given the following scenario

[Site] MySite
–[Folder] Level1
----[Folder] Level2
------[File] default.html

You want to be able to browse:

A) Mysite/default.html


B) Mysite/level1/level2/default.html

Let me know and i’ll see how we can sort it out :slight_smile:



Response B.
I have a similar problem with virtual directory creation. I cant create a virtual directory under an iis application. It needs to be a website.

Website–folder–webapplication–folder to convert to a virtual directory.

I think it is a step limitation

Hi Sebastien,

After digging for quite some time, i reached to the bottom of this and tweaked the step template a bit so it works for the scenario B. This is how i tested it out:

  • Site - MySite
  • Physical path of web app - C:\inetpub\MySite\Level1\Level2
  • How you want to see it on IIS - attached IIS.jpg

On the step configuration, this is how you should fill up the fields (step.jpg). Pay special attention to the value of the field Virtual Path, as that one will define where your webapp will show up on IIS.

Tweaked template:

Like you said, the original step expects you to make the webapp a direct child of a site. I’ll discuss this with Paul (since he made the step) to see how worth would it be to oficially change the step to work on this scenario.

Let me know how it goes.




Thank you very much it works

I have the same problem with a virtual directory creation.


Did you decide how worth would it be to oficially change the step to work on this scenario ?
And I have a similar problem on creating a virtual directory.


Hi Sebastien,

Given that many users are using this step, and almost none of them (you were the first one) had a problem with this step template, we’re probably gonna leave it as it is.

Regarding the Virtual Directory step, tomorrow i’ll send you a custom template to handle this scenario for you :slight_smile:



I too would appreciate adding this to the create-iis-application step in the library (wasted about an hour on this).

Would you be able to assist in getting this to work, it seems like the attached gist is not a valid step template and/or does not work with 3.0.

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office.
I will be returning on 31 august.

For urgent issues, please contact Philippe Baietto at



Thanks for reaching out. The step template seems to work in 3.0 on my end. Could you please show me what kind of errors are you seeing?

Just to make sure we are on the same page, this is the script: