Create deployment - Missing 'deploy to' environments

I have 4 environments setup that I can deploy to, all of these are associated with the deploy steps. When I try to create a new deployment only two of them show up.

This is a project that has been migrated between versions of octopus, previously I only had two environment but have since added more.

I will try creating a project from scratch to see if that resolves the issue.

Ok a new project picks up all of the environment I have in place.

The included deploy to environments specified in the steps appear to have no relation to the environments available when you do deploy. If I remove all environments except 1 I still have 4 to pick from.

Ok I am slowly learning.

The release picks up a snapshot of the project settings at the time you create the release, if you add more or remove machines they will not show up.

It would be great if there was a way to delete a release that has picked setting I need to modify.

IMO, the release should be installable to new environments. This seems like a bad implementation artifact…

Hi John,

This actually changed a while ago - the Project Group that a project belongs to has a set of available environments, and those are what appear in the Deploy To drop down.


We’re running and haven’t upgraded yet. That might be the issue.