Create Azure Account programmatically?


I am trying to script the process of integrating Octopus Deploy with Azure and wondering if the steps required on OD to create the Azure account can be done programmatically?

Using the following article as a reference;

Thanks in advance for any input on this!

Hi Hans,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Octopus is API-first, so all operations are available via our REST API. For example, if you are using the Chrome browser, you can open the Developer Tools while you’re using the Octopus UI, sit on the Network tab and watch the API calls that are being made. This will give you an idea of what information you need to provide for any given operation.

As for how to use our API, you could use the Octopus.Clients library. This documentation shows various examples of working with the client via PowerShell or C#, so you can have a play around and decide what works best for you.

Alternatively, you could just supply an API key and invoke a web-request yourself. There is an example here in PowerShell showing how something like that might work, but the Octopus.Clients library is generally the preferred approach, because you can then dig further into the type information that the library exposes.

Either way, you’ll need an API key.

Hope this helps.