Create a Team with system administrator roles for all the spaces

I wish to create a user which can see all the available spaces within the octopus.

To achieve this, I did below:

i) Create a Role called “DevOPS Administrator” and given them all the available system and space level permissions.
ii) Created a team called “DevOPS-L3”.
iii) Clicked on “Include user roles” and selected the user role created in step 1 above (DevOPS Administrator).
iv) Under select space option , chose, “Default” space. (I dont have option to select multiple spaces).
v) Added a user called “administrator” as a member of the team “DevOPS-L3”

However, when I logged in using the user “administrator”, I can only access “default” space and unable to see the other existing spaces.

Can you please let us know, how can we create a user which can have access to all the available spaces within octopus. (A system admin user).

Hi Rahul,

To access all the Spaces created, navigate to Configuration > Spaces and ensure all spaces have the team “DevOPS-L3” listed as a Space Manager.


Thanks a lot Paul.

Its working :slight_smile:


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