Could not copy or select variable name and value in variable set

If user has only role LibraryVariableSetView, it does not allow him to Select and copy variables from variable set.
It is very inconvenient when you want to override a variable in the project.

If I add the role LibraryVariableSetEdit, that problem disappears. This approach is unsuitable for me.

Current Octopus version is 3.7.10

Hi Yurii,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, we only had a skeleton crew on over the Christmas break.
I had this issue looked into, as we agree that you should at least be able to copy those values with only view permissions, but unfortunately we are using an older library for our editing grid and we were unable to make the small change.
However we are looking at overhauling all of our variable editing screens this year (finally) and I have added on this as a feature for the new work.
You can view the issue here:

Thanks for letting us know about your use of the feature :slight_smile: