Corrupt links in html email

Hello Octopus Deploy

our release notes has been coming from our deploy projects for a year. Suddenly the links in those emails got corrupt. Do you have any idea what could be the cause? Something on the smtp server maybe? Any problem you recognize?

The html as entered in the configuration:
email config.html (159 Bytes)

The email as it turn up:
testing link.msg (85 KB)

Hi @crumb

Thanks for getting in touch!

This is definitely not something that we recognise, if you are confident that nothing has changed in your Octopus config I would be investigating something further upstream (so SMTP server, any patches in your email client etc).

If you are unable to find anything feel free to send through your deployment logs so we can investigate further on our side, however we haven’t had any reports of this issue up till now.

Sorry I can’t be more help,


Yes, also it turned out it only happens on my own account. Will need to look at what happened on smtp or my client

Thanks for helping, appreciate it!

Hi Rasmus,

Thanks for the update, hopefully you can narrow down what and where it has gone wrong.

Good luck!


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