Copy project process to another project


Is it possible to copy a process from one project to another. We have a number of projects that will use the same process and don’t want to have to manually copy them from one to the other. I see where you can export and import an entire project with octo.exe but don’t see any way to just export and import the process.


I’ve done some more research and have determined that I’ll need to do this via the REST API. I ran into a issue and found a post where it recommended that this be done:

  1. Do a GET on your template deployment process and assign that value to a variable
  2. Modify the values of that variable according to the needs of your new projects
  3. PUT the modified template on your new project.

So I’ve tried this

  1. $t = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri (“http://MYURL//api/deploymentprocesses/deploymentprocess-projects-155”) -Headers $Header

  2. Modified values I needed to

  3. Invoke-WebRequest -Uri (“http://MYURL//api/deploymentprocesses/deploymentprocess-projects-156”) -Method Post -Headers $Header -Body $t

And I’m getting this error in response:

“ErrorMessage”: “There was a problem with your request.”,
“Errors”: [
“Changes to this deployment process could not be saved, because another user has made changes to the deployment process between when you started editing and when you saved your changes. Please reload or open a new tab to make your changes.”

Am I still missing something? Thanks for the help!

Hi Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch. Could you share me your script so i can see what might be causing this?