Copy files to the NAS storage target without tentacle


Is there a way to copy xml files to the a NAS storage using Octopus Deploy? we have list of lending zones on the NAS where we don’t have tentacles installed.

thank you,

Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Without knowing exactly what you are targeting I will need to be fairly general with my advise here, so apologies if I don’t get you the information you need. Firstly, you will need to package your XML files (probably into a ZIP file) so that Octopus will recognise it as a valid package. That will then let us use our Deploy a package step, potentially with the custom install directory option enabled so that the extracted XML files end up in the right location.

Once that is done there are a few communication options available to us.

Option 1 would be to have a Tentacle installed on a machine that has UNC access to the required NAS, however it appears from what you have advised that this may not be possible.

The alternatives to that would possibly to access the NAS directly via SSH, using our ssh targets option. If that is not suitable we can fallback to raw scripting to remove the requirement for Mono or .NET Core.

I hope that provides the information that you need, please reach out if I have mis-understood something!


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