Converter runs out of memory migrating from Octopus 2.6 to 3.0

We are attempting to convert from Red Gate Deployment Manager to Octopus Deploy. The RGDM -> Octopus 2.6 conversion seemingly went fine - or at least the converter said it did. :slight_smile:

We aren’t testing deploys on 2.6; the plan was to go right from 2.6 to 3.0 and do our testing on there. The preview migration from 2.6 -> 3.0 ran fine. But trying to do the actual migration is failing due to our Octopus Deploy server running out of memory.

Admittedly our 2.6 database is fairly beefy - the backup is 857 MB. We’re trying to run this conversion on a box with 8 GB of RAM. I’ve attached the log file in case if’s of any use.

Asides from “get more RAM”, any suggestions for how to make this migration happen successfully?

OctopusMigrator.2015-09-04_12_29_46.2395_truncated.txt (22 KB)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch. I looked over those logs and saw it took ~2 hours before failing and I can imagine that was frustrating. Apart from “get more RAM” I can make a couple of suggestions:

  1. Consider truncating your history - you can call the migrator with the -maxage= argument to limit the amount of historical data you bring across from Octopus 2.6. This will also make the migration process much faster for your situation. (If you’re using the UI to run the Migrator, show the script it generates and just add the -maxage=90 to keep the last 90 days of historical data)

  2. If you need to keep all of the history consider moving the *.octobak file to a machine with plenty of RAM and try the migration there.

We have run some really big (several GB) migrations that have run for several days so I’m not sure what exactly is going wrong in your situation. Rather than investigating this in too much detail right now I’ll ask you to try out these two suggestions and let me know how you go.

Hope that helps!

A bit belated, but that -maxage flag did let us successfully migrate well enough for our testing purposes (and the final migration will be run on a box with more RAM). Thanks for your help!

Thanks for getting back to me Andrew.

Happy Deployments!