Converted Steps to multi-step Rolling Deploy And Childsteps are running in parallel

I converted a number of existing steps in my multi-step process to one with some parent/child steps in order to do pieces of the deployment as a rolling build and am not getting the ‘rolling portion’ of the build to work correctly. Instead, these child steps appear to be running in parallel across all machines in the role instead of one at a time.

Perhaps I am mis-understanding the intent of the rolling build and how to set it up, but I was expecting that, for each machine in the role the parent step targets, it would wait to complete all the child steps before running it on the next machine in the role (i.e. similar to the example of the rolling upgrade in a server farm).

To create this process I had started with a non-rolling multi-step process, converted one of the steps to a rolling step, then manually added in child steps.

Server version is Octopus Deploy

Any help in resolving this would be great.



Also, just noticed that although it says the steps are configured for parallelism, I don’t get the message:

Parallelism limited to 1 tentacle concurrently

That I get on a little test project I made targeting the same roles/environment. Does the entire project need to be recreated to get this to work?

Update: When I create a new project and recreate the exact same steps it works as expected.

Hi Robert,

Hi Robert, thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the trouble you’re experiencing, I’ll try to help. Can you edit the parent rolling step that is having the trouble, and attach a screenshot of what the edit page looks like? I just want to check that the “Batch Size” setting is set and that there are no other odd settings. Thanks!



I cannot edit the parent step on this, it shows no detail to edit:


I’m fairly certain I set the Batch size to 1, but obviously I can no longer verify this. Incidentally, I was able to recreate the whole process in another project and get it to work, but I still can’t edit the parent step.


Hi Robert,

It looks like if you included a screenshot, it hasn’t come through - would you be able to show me what you are seeing? You can email me directly if that helps - paul at


Sent DM showing issue.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the screenshot! It looks like you’re running a version of
Octopus that had a bug which prevented the parent step being edited. Can
you upgrade to either 2.3.6 or 2.4.5, then try editing the parent step


Paul Stovell
Octopus Deploy
W: | T: @octopusdeploy

This is fixed in 2.4.5. Thanks for the help.

Great to hear, thanks for following up.