Continues Deployment for releases with conditions

Hello all! I am a bit out of my depth. I am attempting to setup a rolling deployment that A takes the latest release and only releases it to some tenants once a week. I have found the Recurring Deployment section here: and it would mostly perfectly. It is the next step I am not sure about. I need the same release that was deployed in the Recurring Deployment (same environment) to be deployed to some other tenants a week later. The reason why is that we are dealing with tiered tenants. One gets the latest stable branch while the higher tier gets to have the release after a week of it “baking” in the lower tier. Right now my only solution is runbooks but I am having trouble figuring out how to select specific releases to deploy. Any help would be appreciated.

Low Tier Tenants:
Deploy the latest release once a week
High Tier Tenants:
Find the latest release that is not blocked, and over two weeks old, as long as it’s higher than what is currently deployed, and then deploy

At first blush, one thought I had was to take a look at Octopus’ multi-tenancy feature. Have you had a chance to do that? Here is an older guide I put together early last year:

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