Configure Azure App Service deployment parallelism

We encountered an issue recently where a large number of deployments were launched to Web App which are all using the same Azure App Service.

This resulted in high CPU usage on the App Service and deployments started failing and terminating with errors connecting to the /msdeploy.axd endpoint of the Web App. Additionally the Web Apps themselves became unresponsive and we had to stop all Web Apps and start them one by one and then re-launch deployments in series to resolve.

A simple workaround is to ask users not to launch too many deployments at once, but it would be useful if Octopus Deploy could use similar behaviour when deploying to a tentacle and allow the configuration of how many concurrent deployments to the same Azure App Service.

Just realised UserVoice is the best place for feature requests. Have raised this here:

If there any better existing workarounds thought, I’d be keen to hear!

Thanks for adding this idea to userVoice, that way we can gauge how much demand there is for such a feature. Unfortunately this would be a little more tricky problem to solve than parallel deployments to the same tentacle. In the case of tentacles, since we control that single point of entry we can throttle and control how many deployments take place through the concurrently. With a deployment to Azure, we have little visibility into what else is going on with that app/service plan and further complications would arise when dealing with multiple Octopus server instances are deploying to the same service.

For the time being I would suggest that you may need to manually control the number of deployments that take place as you suggested unless the UserVoice response indicates this is a issue for many users.

Thanks again for your time in bringing this to our attention,