Configuration via environment variables not working in Octopus Client

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I’m trying to configure octo url and api key as environment variables as described in
but got no success.
" The server url, api key, username and password can be set as the environment variables OCTOPUS_CLI_SERVER , OCTOPUS_CLI_API_KEY , OCTOPUS_CLI_USERNAME and OCTOPUS_CLI_PASSWORD respectively. Values set via command line arguments take precedence over environment variables."

After setting up the variables I’ve checked their values in a new powershell session


and tested calling octo list-deployments but got this error:

Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 4.22.1

Please specify the Octopus Server URL using --server=http://your-server/
Exit code: -1

is this configuration still valid?

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Hi @guilherme.ptml,

Thanks for reaching out!

It seems that feature was either broken or nonexistent in that 2yo version of Octo.exe. I can confirm that it works just fine in the latest version.

In the below screenshot you can see I was able to reproduce the error in 4.22.1, but it worked just fine in 6.2.3


So upgrading you Octo.exe should do the trick.

Hope that helps!

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