Configuration variable - filter a folder

Hello Team

We have a folder in the deployment package which include above 1000 config files (Umbraco Usync)
Is there any way to filter a specific folder to not scan and replace the config files?

Many Thanks

Hi Ofer,

Thanks for getting in touch! If you have the Configuration Variables features turned on, Octopus will look for the generic config file names and try to transform them.
There is currently no way to exclude specific files from an attempted transform if they are found and that feature is turned on.

A potential work around could be to use the Substitute Variables in Files feature instead, this allows you to explicitly specify which files (or directories) you want to update. The downside to this solution is that you would need to modify the config files to include Octopus variable syntax for the values you want to replace.

I might also be worth posting a suggestion on our uservoice site as i can imagine this would be a useful feature.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

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