Configuration transforms doesnt applied

Hi there,

I’ve a problem with feature “Configuration transforms”.

Two environments are available : Test / Prod
I’ve created files that needs to be transformed in my project : security.Test.yml and security.Prod.yml
Configuration transforms feature is added
XML transforms unchecked
Additional transforms : security.#{Octopus.Environment.Name}.yml => security.yml

and… nothing happened… files security.Test.yml and security.Prod.yml are deployed but no file security.yml is here.

part of raw logs :
17:19:22 Verbose | 5,902 files were extracted from the package
17:19:22 Verbose | Initial variable evaluation performed.
17:19:22 Verbose | Variables have been fully evaluated.
17:19:22 Verbose | Running procedure 'Delete temporary package files’
17:19:22 Verbose | Looking for any configuration transformation files
17:24:04 Verbose | Storing a record of the deployment.
17:24:04 Info | Deployment complete.

Something is missing ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The Additional Transforms uses XML transformation to work, so this won’t work with YML files.

If these environment-specific files just need to overwrite the security.yml file, you should be able to do that with a fairly basic PowerShell script step using the Copy-Item cmdlet.
You could put this in a PostDeploy.ps1 file in the nuget package, or just use the Custom PowerShell Scripts option so you know it will run in the right place.

Hope that helps!


Hi Damian,

Thanks for you quick answer, explanation is clear, i will use Custom PowerShell Scripts.