Configuration transform and [env:"CalamariWorkingDirectory"]


  1. I am trying to deploy to 2 different configuration to webpps in azure.
    one xdt is web.pre.config and other is
    I would like to transform web.pre.config to the first web app and to the second
    I have tried to add => web.pre.config in the transformation section, but didnt work properly.

  2. How to use in pre deploy ps script the [env:“CalamariWorkingDirectory”] variable?
    $WorkDir = $OctopusParameters[env:“CalamariWorkingDirectory”] , $OctopusParameters[“CalamariWorkingDirectory”] did work for me.

Hi Ofer,

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  1. I’m afraid I’m not quite getting what you are trying to do. Is there any chance you can explain it in more detail?

  2. Both $env:OctopusCalamariWorkingDirectory and $OctopusParameters['env:OctopusCalamariWorkingDirectory'] should work from a PS script.


Dear Dalmiro

Many thanks for your reply.

  1. As I’vd described we would like to deploy 2 different configurations to 2 separate webpps in same ENV in azure, mean- same code but with 2 different web.config configurations.
    web.pre.config contains some url keys and contains different urls keys.
    Anyway I solved it out by removing the checkbox “Run default XML configuration”, and configure
    the additional parameters with => web.config.
  2. Thanks, $OctopusParameters[‘env:OctopusCalamariWorkingDirectory’] - worked for me as well.

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