Configuration only deployment?

Our applications deployed via Octopus contain configuration variables that are dates and require updating periodically. We have implemented the dates as Octopus variables that transform the configs at deployment, which works fine.

The fact that we have dates in our configs is a legacy issue that cannot be avoided for now.

But, we need to be able to handle updating these values and how to get these new values deployed to our servers. We would like to avoid having re-deploy applications every time we want to update the configuration. To keep everything source controlled and in sync we want to avoid users manually updating files, as these values would then get out of sync with the Octopus variables.

Is there any way to get an Octopus deployment to just re-deploy config files to an existing deployment?


Thanks for reaching out.

There’s no way out of the box to just deploy a handful of files. What you could do is add a deploy step that has a Powershell script that deletes all the files you dont want to deploy, so when the time to copy the files from the work folder to the actual deploy dir comes, the only files that Octopus will find are the config ones. You could then scope this step to a channel called “JustConfigs”, so when a user deploys to this particular channel, only this step would be executed.

More info about adding a Powershell script to the deploy step: . In your case you’ll need to add this script as a Pre-deploy script.