Config Transformaiton outside nugget

I’m creating a POC to use in our deployment process; only one thing is currently holding me back i.e the ability to transform existing web.configs. The way the deployment is set up is basically doing file copy using PowerShell scripts and DpUp for database scripts. Since I’m not setting the project as a nugget package it becomes difficult to do config transforms using the recommended option with octopus. What I’d like to do is basically if possible run a search and replace or rather have the ability of changing the web.config on the servers without having it in a nugget package. Is this possible?

Hi Moody,

Using PowerShell to do the find-replace is your best bet in this configuration.

If possible, releases with Octopus will be hugely more enjoyable if you can get the deployed artifacts into a NuGet package. Let me know if you want to explore this further - using NuGet.exe to package up existing files is fine (you don’t need OctoPack or to change .CSPROJ files).