Config transform testing?

Does anyone have a good strategy for testing Octopus web.config transforms for the various environments ( web apps, wcf web apps)? It easy enough to test our transforms for our dev system but our prod transforms aren’t easily testable until rollout night (which might be 3 months after the transforms were updated). Hate running into configuration surprises on rolloout night.



Interesting question. You could try pasting the transforms and target file here to test them out:


@paul, I work with @skmcfadden, and we have a bunch of web.config transforms for many different applications. Many of those need to use the same data, but unfortunately have to be set correctly in each app’s config transform (no centralized config yet).

Apps A and B, for example, both need to have config setting customsetting1\thing1\foo to bar. Right now we write two web.config transforms that both set that value to bar. Sometimes we make mistakes in these.

In your opinion, would it be feasible/helpful to use the Variable Substitution feature in Octopus 2.3 instead of config transforms? We could probably use a Library Variables Set to hold the values globally to ensure that they are the same per environment to prevent having to spread them over a lot of different transforms.

That would definitely work, and using variable sets sounds like it will make it more maintainable. Let me know if you run into any problems.