"Config as code" with multiple users causing us to lose changes

We have “config as code” enabled for our main Octopus Project. However when multiple people work on the project at once, we are overwriting each others changes. The only solution is to go into VS Code and manually copy the changes back from previous versions.

This happens when one person is working on one step of a project while another is working on a different step of the same project. Person one commits their changes, but then when person two commits changes they overwrite person ones back to the old version.

We now have to let each other know when they can and can’t work on projects as we keep losing changes.

Hi @andrew.mcadam,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support. I’m sorry you are having issues with overwriting project changes.

Can you confirm what version of Octopus Server you are currently running? Also, are you making changes via the Octopus UI or are you committing directly to the Git repo via VS Code?

Let me know at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,

Hi @donny.bell we’re running version 2022.2 build 6971.
We’re making changes via the Octopus UI then committing from there. To correct overwrites, we are using VS code to copy changes from old versions of the files then pushing the fixed files from VS code.

Hi @andrew.mcadam

Sadly, this is a known shortcoming with Config-as-code at this point in time. Our team are aware of this, and we do have an internal tracking issue to improve the concurrent changes to VCS-controlled projects. With DB-controlled projects, we used an internal versioning parameter to prevent this, but due to VCS projects allowing internal and external modifications, this isn’t applicable.

I’ll add your post to that tracking issue, and raise it with the team as well. We’ll be in touch with any updates stemming from those. Sadly, this does mean you may need to manually coordinate edits internally for the short term.

Please let us know if you have any further questions in the meantime!

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