Config as Code - PackageID project variable not not substituted in Deploy A Package step

In a project with Config as Code enabled. We have a project level variable for the package id that is bound in the Deploy A Package step. When attempting to create a release it doesn’t return any packages. Looking at dev tools network tab you can see the URL variable is not replaced with the value.

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Hi @Walter,

Thanks for reaching out to Octopus Support, and welcome to the Octopus community!

I’m sorry you are running into this problem with your version-controlled project. We have an open GitHub issue (Version controlled variable bound to package id doesn't populate on release creation page · Issue #7822 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub) for this bug which you can watch to track any progress made. I have also commented on the ticket letting our engineers know that we have another client report.

As a workaround for now, you should be able to manually enter your desired package number to create a deploy your release. Please let me know if you hit any other issues or have any additional questions for us.


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