Conditional Transforms

i know i can do things like
#{if Octopus.Environment.Name == “UAT-Green” }


But can i do !== and can i also do an OR statement?

Thank You


Thanks for getting in touch.

Statements such as ‘and’ and ‘or’ are not currently supported. However, If you are using Octopus 3.5 and above, additional support was added for conditionals such as == and !=, so you can now do things such as:

#{if Octopus.Environment.Name != "UAT-Green" } ... #{/if}

You can see examples of these in our Variable substitution syntax documentation, as well as information regarding repetition statements that are supported (eg. each/in). We also recently published a blog post that you may find useful, explaining some of the new features added to Octostache.

Hope this helps.