Concatenating Variables

I’m trying to use a combination of Octopus Variables in a .config file as follows:

Where #{LogRoot} and #{IIS Virtual Dir} are defined as variables in my Octopus project. However when I try to deploy a release I get an error back stating that the config file parsing failed.

Am I using the correct syntax for this?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m gonna need a few things to help with the troubleshooting:

  1. The config line you pasted is part of a .config file used for transformations, correct? If possible could you send the whole file? You can change any sensitive data to fake values.

  2. Please send a screenshot of your NuGet deploy step. Make sure all the fields can be seen on it.

  3. Enable these troubleshooting variables on your project

  4. Once (3) is done, please create a new release (so the variables take effect), deploy it and send me the raw deployment log

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