Concat AssemblyVersion and build server build number

Hi, I was looking at your guide to using Octopus with Bamboo ( and I was wondering if it is possible to somehow use my version number found in AssemblyInfo and the build number that Bamboo produces?

AssemblyInfo has the version 1.2.5
Bamboo build number is 37
Package version would be

Hi Daníel,

No, there is no simple way of doing it, maybe it could be done using a script that extracts the version from the AssemblyInfo file.

An easier solution could possibly be if you can make Bamboo update your AssemblyInfo file before calling OctoPack (this blog post might be of help), then you don’t need to specify the version on the command line as we read the version from the AssemblyInfo file then.

I hope that helps.

Thank you and best regards,