Common reusable bash functions

Currently I have bash script based steps/step templates that can be made simpler/shorter by refactoring out the common functionality into helper functions. Then we could include these function(s) or a set of them in the steps/step templates to avoid code duplication.

Is anything like this possible now? Are there any plans for this? Currently I am managing this by putting such functions in library shell script(s) in the deployment packages themselves and sourcing them (via “source <script_name>”) at the top of the step/step template. However, if this can be done purely at Octopus level, then I can avoid having to include these scripts in every package (because that means duplication of the same script(s) everywhere and maintenance etc vs having them once in Octopus and reusable across projects).

Hi @Soumen_Dass,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As it turns out this is something that one of our engineers has been working on so we should hopefully have the support you are looking for shortly.

Any questions please let me know,


Hi @Alex.Rolley - thanks for the update. Keenly looking forward to this enhancement.

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