CloudFormation capabilities

I am using the CloudFormation template and am running into an error. Whenever I create a stack (this was previously working) I am getting the following error:
Requires capabilities : [CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND]

From reading about this it looks like I need to pass in these 2 capabilities

But I can’t see how to do that using the step template.


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It is a bit odd that something that was currently working has suddenly stopped working. Did you upgrade Octopus recently? Or maybe modify the template? It could even be that AWS has changed something on their end.

What version of Octopus are you on? I ask as we recently released an enhancement to support CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND, which was released in 2019.1.6. Upgrading to that version should get you unblocked.

Hope that helps!


I think something changed on the AWS is my best guess. It looks as though if I run the template directly from AWS there is a new checkbox saying we may need to run with EXPAND.

It looks as though we don’t have the version of octopus that has the change in it. We are looking to upgrade that to try it out.


Cool - thanks for letting me know.

If you have any issues once you’ve upgraded, just give us a shout.

Happy deployments!