Cloud Service(s) Environment - only cloud service deployments


I’ve a life cycle where I am deploying dev and test web projects to virtual machines as a ‘Deploy’ step - these have tenticles installed and work great. The next step is a deployment to a cloud service, that is only running on the cloud service environment…

The issue is, if there is only a Deploy to Windows Azure step that is possible (because no machine roles for the other exist) and the environment has no machines (as cloud services have no tenticles) then it will not allow the deployment/promotion. (See attachment).

As a suggestion - could a cloud service instance be defined as a machine in an environment?? Then it could be given a role and have all the subscription details, etc within it, rather than in the deploy step?

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out. On the current version Octopus needs a machine to carry on with the deployment process. What I’d recommend is to turn your Octopus server into a tentacle (see link below), then put it on an environment and use it when you are deploying to Azure.

On Octopus 3.0 & 3.1 we will improve this process by (1) not necessarily needing a machine to start a deployment and (2) running the azure deployments straight from the Octopus server.