Cloning of a Tenant


Could you confirm if there is an easy way to Clone a Tenant or if this ability is likely to be added? We’re going to have a large number of Tenants and quite often the Tenants will be quite similar in configuration except for some Tenant Variables.

It would be great if we could have a pre-configured, default Tenant which we could clone and just modify the variables as necessary.

This would be a huge time-saver for people who have a Multi-Tenanted solution and expect to have a high number of tenants. It would also reduce the chance for human error during configuration.


Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, there isn’t a built-in way of cloning tenants at the moment.

If you feel like getting your hands a little dirty, you can use our REST API to create your tenants. If you haven’t used it before, check out our documentation on using the API and have a look at the request your browser sends when creating a new tenant as an example. If you need assistance using the API, just let me know.

We are definitely aware of the interest in adding this feature, and we’d love you to add your vote to this UserVoice topic (if you haven’t already) so we can get to it sooner.

I hope that helps!


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