Cloning a project requires being an Administrator?

Hi, we recently upgraded from Octopus 1.6 to 2.1 ( specifically) and were having trouble being able to clone projects. Getting to this feature is a little different than it was in 1.6 but while we’ve found where to do it, it appears that you need be an Administrator in order to use it? Does this sound accurate, or do I have something setup incorrectly?

I had assumed that granting the Project Initiator role would allow for this, the user can create projects just fine but if they choose to clone an existing project they get a message about needing to be in the Administrators group to perform that action.

This is something that we do all the time but I can put all of the users that need to clone projects into the Admin group, so I’m hoping this isn’t the case. If it is, can I submit a request to have that changed so that it’s part of the rights to just create a project?

Scott LeWarne
Epiq Systems

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the bug report, we’ll fix this next release:


We are using octopus version 2.4 and octopus still requires admin rights to clone projects.
Any idea when will this bug be fixed?


Hi Magnus,

We still have some analysis to do on this one, no fixed ETA currently, though we’re aiming for 2.5 (May/June).


Version 3.7.4

Hi we’re having the same issue as mentioned here.
We have a developer team role where we have restricted access to QA and Prod environments. We’ve noticed that this team, does not have access to clone projects. I reckon it is because of the environment restrictions. As it is now, everyone has to be a Octopus administrator, which in itself is bad, to be able to clone projects (which is done daily). (940 Bytes)

Hi @harald.somnes,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Your export shows that no team is providing the ProjectCreate permission to that user which is necessary to clone a project. Now, before you jump into giving that user that role, keep in mind that the ProjectCreate role has to be provided by a team that is not scoped to any projects.

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We are scoping by project groups (which is probably the same as scooing by projects) and environments.

Are you telling me that we can’t give cloning capabilities to teams if they have project restrictions? We use project restrictions to both limit visible projects as well as hindering outsiders from meddling with stuff. That goes also for developers.

Isn’t there a way to avoid having to set our developers as sysadmins for octopus deploy and still give them the ability to clone projects?

Harald Sømnes Hanssen

Hi Harald,

Thanks for pointing out that you were scoping by “project groups”, that was the missing puzzle piece! The ability to scope by groups has been added very recently, and it seems that project cloning is not playing along with it well. We already have a github issue created since yesterday for this that you can follow to get a notification when the fix gets shipped:



Harald Sømnes Hanssen