Cloned project missing project templates


I have created a project with project templates and have cloned said project to create similar projects for slightly different purposes.

After cloning the project I can see that all the project templates were copied by going to Project > Variables > Project Templates .

However there seems to be an issue. The symptom can be clearly seen when going to Project > Variables > All .

In this view I expect to see all the variables that were cloned including the Project Templates, but this is not the case.

All cloned Project Templates are missing from this view and are therefore not being resolved during the deployment process.
This obviously leads to failed deployments and useless cloned projects

Is this somehow expected behavior?
Did I miss something during the cloning process?
Is there a way I can fix this?

Apologies… I discovered that these are only visible after connecting the project to a tenant.
Once this is done I can see all relevant variables.

Hi Tomer,

Thanks for getting in touch, glad to see that you have this one sorted.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need assistance with.


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