Clearing deployments from dashboard

If you mistakenly deploy something to an environment for a project where it was not intended to go is there a simple means to clear out or cause the deployment to be “non-selectable”.

for instance I have a deployment called payment i want it deployed to my:
and Perf environments.

In the QA a perf environments there are many more targets than in Dev. So Sub environments for QA and perf have been created. So the fact that the option for these sub environments are selectable for the project and can be deployed to causes a “successful” deployment when there are really no targets for that project in the environment selected. So a clear of the “successful” didn’t deploy anything fields for the project would be nice.

thanx in advance.

Old question here but still wondering if it’s possible.

We have a Project that’s been accidentally deployed to our QA env, but the single deployment process step within that project is scoped only to our DEV env. Ya no big deal, but the dashboard still displays that it was a “successful” deployment to QA (whether a process step ran or not). In a sense, that’s correct but would like to erase that from showing under our QA environment.

Is it possible to remove it from the dashboard all together (so it looks like it’s never been attempted to be deployed to QA)?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch! The only way to remove this would be to delete the release. It will also go from the dashboard when a new successful release is done to QA for that project.
But no other way to get it off your dashboard sorry.