Clear Deployment info

Is there any way to clear deployment information (preferably through octo.exe, but an API will work also)?

We periodically restore our QA databases from a weekly backup of production, and then re-deploy our application on top of the new QA database to clean up server and database references.

At the end of our restore script, I would like to kick off some communication to the octopus server and clear any info about past deployments, since they are no longer valid.

To explain with my screen capture -
Currently QA has version deployed, however I want to restore the latest client data from Prod to test with, so when the restore is complete, QA will no longer have, it will (in our environment) have a partially functioning version of 5.4.13 (Links are broken until I redeploy a version of our code).

Until I decide which version of our code I would like to deploy to QA, Octopus will say it has - I would like the ability to delete version history through octo or api so it displays on overview blank (Screen cap #2)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out!

There is no way of clearing any information about deployments - the closest that is available is to delete the entire release, but I’m pretty sure thats not what you want to do.
The lack of ability to delete deployment information is by design. By keeping the deployment history, you get both an audit trail, and a historical record of deployments - both of which are very useful for debugging issues.

I would suggest that at the end of your restore process (which you could automate with Octopus :)) you could automatically trigger a deployment of the appropriate build into the QA environment and then the dashboard will show the correct information.

Another possible solution, though its a bit icky, is to create a new environment “QA2” and delete the old “QA” and rename “QA2” to “QA”. This has quite a few gotchas in it though, as you’d have to modify life-cycles and deal with variables/steps scoped to the environment (and potentially some other bits). Technically possible, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it.

Hope this helps!



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