CI/CD Integration using DevOps Repo, Pipelines to update Logic Apps

Good afternoon,

I am new to Octopus Deploy and trying to evaluate if I can use it to achieve what we are hoping for. I manage around 400 logic apps across 7 environments and am looking for both Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. At present we are just starting to use Pipelines and I have created one test pipeline using YAML to export our ARM template to the correct resource group. To achieve what we are looking for may mean the creation of 400+ YAML scripts, so I wanted to see if Octopus Deploy would be a good management tool to oversee the pipeline infrastructure and to help me to use DevOps pipelines.

Btw: Our Azure and DevOps space are in the cloud, not on-premise.

Is this possible with Octopus Deploy? If so are there any guides explaining how to do this?

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Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I think I noticed an email come in earlier from you? If so, we’ve forwarded this to our advice team who will be in touch shortly and will be able to help you create a solution that fits your requirements.


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