Child Steps being classed as Actions

Is there any possibility of accessing error codes for an Action, like there is for steps. For example: to get an error code for a step Octopus.Step[StepA].Status.Error.

I am asking this because we have a Deploy Fewzion Step that has a number of Child Steps attached to it, and we are trying to access the specific errors that these child steps may throw. For example the step may throw: Write-Error “Error Message” -ErrorId E4. Normally you would be able to use the above method, however these child steps are being classed as actions so they do not have a Status.Error variable attached to them. This can be seen in the pictures, one shows the list of variables within Octopus and how the child steps are being classed as actions. The other photo shows how the Step and its child step are step up.

Octopus Version: 3.1.7


Hi Tim,

Thanks for the question.

There isn’t a variable for retrieving the error code from an action. As you have observed Child Steps are really Child Actions. If a child step fails, the step error message is a very generic “One or more child activities failed” which I understand is no very helpful.

Would it be useful to you if we added the action id and error message/error code to Octopus.Step.Status.Error?


Hi Shane,

Yes that would be helpful. It will make decoding the generic error message a lot easier.