Channel with version range and tag ignores valid versions


I’m going through the Channels tutorial from here

Scenario 2 -> Step 2 -> creating the 2.x Unstable channel (

I have created the channel as described with Version Range = 2.0 and Tag = ^unstable\d+$. But this is what I get in the design rule popup: (the 2.0.0-unstable0006 and 2.0.0-unstable0005 versions are marked as invalid - only the tag is green, while the version is red)

This is not a UI-only issue in the ‘design rule’ popup, it’s there when creating the release in the 2.x Unstable channel, none of the ‘unstable’ packages are allowed.

It I set Version Range = 2.0-unstable then it works (, the ‘unstable’ versions are valid both in the ‘design rule’ UI and when creating the release.

Has this functionality changed since the blog post was written ? Or am I not following the blog post properly ?

I’m on Octopus Version: 3.4.15


Hi Szilard,

Thanks for getting in touch! It looks like it is picking up the tagging fine but not happy with the versioning range. When declaring a version range there are a strict set of rules for what works and what does not.
I believe the Version range is missing square brackets, exmaple: [2.0].

As the NuGet dependency docuementation points out:

[1.0]	x == 1.0	Exact version match

Would you be able to try adding the square brackets like my exmaple above and letting me know the outcome?

Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Have tried with [2.0] but it’s the same.

Looks to be a bug in version 3.4.15. It works on another machine having version 3.2.20:

Are you able to reproduce the issue in version 3.4.15 or newer ?

Hi Szilard,

After you added the [ ] brackets can you try creating a new release to see if it picks it up the change?

I know in previous versions there was an issue surrounding this feature with the shading not working correctly.

Let me know how you go.

Best regards,