Channel version rules in Octopus

Hello Team,

I’m trying to apply channel version rules to filter the NuGet packages.

Following are the NuGet package numbers that we have:
1. 320.0-MVC
2. 1.1.210
4. 319.0-MVC
6. 1.1.220

Basically I want to deploy the packages that contains
1. 9.0.0.*
2. -MVC ( is wild card)

Once we apply the channel version rules, it should show me following list:
1. 319.0-MVC
2. 320.0-MVC

Can someone please suggest me how can I apply rules here. Thanks in Advance.

Hi Kumar,

The way to achieve that would be to create 2 version rules.

  • Rule 1: For the ‘Version Range’ field specify the version range [9.0.0,9.0.1)
    This will match all version between 9.0.0 (inclusive) and 9.0.1 (exclusive).

  • Rule 2: For the ‘Tag’ field specify MVC

Using the “Design Rule” link in the “Version Rules” section of the “Edit Channel” page is a neat way to trial-and-error your version rules, as shown in this document.

I hope that helps,