Channel ordering is non-intuitive

The ideal situation would be to be able to pick the order in which channels are sorted on a project dashboard page - similar to how it’s possible for environments.

That doesn’t seem to be possible right now, so the alternative is that you would expect it to order alphabetically…except that’s not the case. The channels order alphabetically…sort of:


The sorting appears to run A-Za-z.

Please can you make it so channels are sortable, or fix the ordering so its case-insensitive?

Hi David,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We have an open UserVoice item to add the ability to sort your channels.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Henrik,

I saw that :slight_smile:

I reported a bug however as there is currently no intuitive sorting – ie it’s not alphabetical and it also doesn’t follow the order in which the channels were created – so you end up having to do stupid things like having “Pre-release” “Stable” and then “hotfix” (note the lower case h).

Sorting would also be nice per the uservoice thing (which I’ve already voted for) – but it’s a slightly separate issue.


Hi David,

I’ve raised this GitHub issue to have the ordering changed to be case-insensitive and fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you and my apologies for the inconvenience caused.