Changing release number not reflected on dashboard


(arcain) #1


I recently upgraded from Octopus 2018.6.2 to 2018.8.6 and have noticed that when I remove my pre-release tags from my release version number, that change is not reflected on the deployed release on the dashboard, but it is reflected on the project overview.

For example, let’s say I have a release with number 1.0.0-codename-100-1 deployed to my staging environment. QA says that release is ready for production, so I rename that release and strip off the pre-release tags, and it becomes 1.0.0. In Octo 2018.6.2, before that change, my environment would show release 1.0.0-codename-100-1 in the environment, and immediately after that change, my dashboard would show release version 1.0.0 in that environment (or any environment that had that release deployed in it.)

Now, after the upgrade, if I strip off the pre-release tag the release still shows as 1.0.0-codename-100-1 on the dashboard, but if I go to the Project page and look at the Overview info, the channel shows version 1.0.0 as the release deployed in that environment.

I jumped up a lot of minor versions when I upgraded Octopus, so I’m not sure if this behavior is coming from something that was “fixed” in one of the updates, or if this behavior was changed for auditing puposes, or whether it’s unintentional. Ideally, I’d like to have it behave like it did up until the 2018.8.6 upgrade occurred because my process relies on the renaming of the release as an easy way to note that the pre-release version was promoted to a final release without requiring an unnecessary deployment with the same bits.

Let me know if you need more info.


(Robert Wagner) #3


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is an unintentional change caused by some caching changes we made to the dashboard. We did not take changes to the release into account for cache invalidation.

I have created an issue that you can subscribe to to track progress on a fix.

As a work around, you can change the status of the deployment (Success/Failed/Cancelled) and then change it back (not the best I know), which will cause the cache to invalidate.

(arcain) #4

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the update, I appreciate it.