Changing Log Level to 'Trace' not applied in Octopus.Server.exe.nlog

While testing 2022.3 (Build 10405) i just observed that changing Log Level in Octopus.Server.exe.nlog with Trace Level does not seems to be applied.

Only a few Trace logs appear while in version 2022.2 (8011) a lot more appeared.

Thanks for reaching out with this log query.

In fact you are right, things have changed on the logging front. I have verified the changes happened in the new version and requires setting an OS level change to use the TRACE logging functionality.

To set TRACE now, you will need to set a normal user level OS variable:

You can also go a step further and send all low-level events by default to the nlog file by setting this variable:
(this one may be a bit too much for other logging interfaces though so YMMV on that one)

Pls note an Octopus server service restart is required to enable this.

Apologies that the online docs have not caught up with this change as of yet. I will request they get updated.

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This actually works using a Machine environment variable or a User type environment variable defined in the service account profile.

Thank you very much!

Hey @FMM,

Great news Paraic has managed to help you solve this issue, I will let him know!

Please reach out if you have any other queries we can help you with in future.

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