Change versioning schemes

We are moving away from a 17.8.333 schema (YY.MM.#), to use SemVer. How can I get octopus to stop recognizing all the old 17. versions? They are higher than our new version (1.6).

I’ve seen this post:

Which suggest deleting all releases. But it takes 17,000 clicks to delete a single release (I might have exaggerated a lil :)).

Am I just going to have to delete all releases and all packages before?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for getting in touch! Because Octopus relies on your previous information to generate latest, the only avenue is for deletion of both releases and packages to reset this data if it is below your previous schema. Luckily we do have fast ways to do both (if you use the internal package repository).

To delete releases in bulk, you can use Octo.exe:
This allows you to specify a range and delete all releases within that range. (It should save you substantial time (millions of seconds) and clicks (billionty) based on your 17k per release estimation!)

For packages, if you are using the internal repo, you can delete them directly from the packages folder and run a re-index of the packages directory either directly from the UI if you are on a recent version, or by restarting the service on an older version.

I would of course lose my license for being in support in IT if I did not recommend a full backup of both your database, and your packages directory so you retain this information if you need to access it again for critical reasons. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want to provide your version of Octopus I can give specific examples and screenshots for the packages directory deletion.