Change 'Failed' deployment to 'Warning'

Is there any way to change the state of deployment ?
I have failed deployment due to changes in variable sets.

I can not update the variables due to:
" The project’s deployment process has changed since this release was created. A new release must be created in order to ensure accurate variable snapshots."

So I had to deploy to production the old way (by hand) and Octopus dashboard shows the deployment as failed…

Would by good to mark the deployment as ‘Warning’ with some notes why it is in that state.

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Hi Thorri,

Thanks for getting in touch! In 2.6 you can actually block a deployment and give a reason. If it hasn’t progressed all the way through the Lifecycle you cannot deploy it any further.
There is a little bit of information about it here:

Hope that helps!

Hi Vanessa.
We are using version ’’ of Octopus, so we are not using Lifecycle.
And I doubt that using Lifecycle would solve this for me, as the *Failed’ deployment is on ‘Production’ (See the attached image), it is in the last phase in our project lifecycle.

Hi Thorri,

You mentioned in your “marking a deployment with a warning and notes why” - on the release screen you get a nice big red box with a notes section when a release is blocked. And when the project dashboard screen comes back it will show a blocked deployment with a warning symbol. I think this means its part way there?