Change dashboard colors

The octopus deploy dashboard is great, but I’d like to update the colors to reflect our company colors. Is that feasible? How/where can I change them?

Hi Pat,

Thanks for getting in touch. There’s no way to do this directly in Octopus currently, but you could do it using a browser extension like StyleBot. You can modify the CSS to use your colors, and save your changes so that they always take effect when the dashboard is shown in your browser.



Thanks for the feedback. This sounds like a client side work around which
would need to be done by the other users of the dashboard too, correct? If
so, that’s no practical for my organization. I’ll submit a feature request
via uservoice if that’s the only other option.


Can you please build in an option to provide a custom CSS file. Or at least an option to change some main colors. This would improve the acceptance of the users in our company.
This feature will be more and more a requiremend for companies having strict CI rules.