Chain Deployment template fails after Octopus Server upgrade


I upgraded our Octopus Server from 3.13.7, I think, to 3.15.2 and now I’m seeing a 404 in the community step template for Chain Deployment. Tracing this down, it seems to be that the links we’re seeing from the Octopus API Links section for a given project has links like the following:

“Channels”: “/api/projects/Projects-323/channels{?skip,take}”

Visiting these URLs results in a 404 because of the {?skip,take} at the end.

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately looks like that step template has a bug, I have raised an issue for it in to get it fixed.

Community step templates are open source, so if you want to get involved, add a comment to the issue above, all help is welcome.


Hi John,

Does the Octopus team provide recommendations for working with URI Templates in Powershell? I am motivated to fix this, but I would like to figure out the easiest way to go about this. Any samples you might have would be helpful.


Hi Robert,

Your fix to this step template was pushed to the community library site this morning.

Thank you very much for your contribution!