Case sensitivity problems with roles

We experienced a problem with Octopus roles due to case sensitivity. Apparently someone had added an existing role name to new machine, but forcefully recreated the same name using an upper-cased first letter (instead of just selecting the auto complete popup name). So we ended up with the following scenario:

Machine1: my-role

After ‘My-role’ was added to Machine2, a project that had ‘my-role’ set in the Variables could no longer see the “my-role” name. It appeared blank in the Scope setting.

Also note, after the name ‘My-role’ was created, it was the only option available in the list of names offered in the auto complete selection.

To clear the problem, we had to manually delete the ‘My-role’ setting on Machine2, then forcefully recreate it as ‘my-role’ (Note that ‘My-role’ was still popping up as the auto complete option). Afterwards, the original ‘my-role’ value could suddenly be viewed again in the project variable Scope setting.


Hi Darrell,

Thanks for getting in touch! I have a closed GitHub issue around case-sensitivity for roles, but I am thinking that maybe it was only done in one area and not the other.
Before I re-open the issue or create a new one, can you confirm which version of Octopus you are running into this problem with.


Hi Vanessa. Thanks for reply. I saw a closed issue concerning roles and case-sensitivity. It seems somewhat related. We currently are running Octopus Deploy

Hi Darrell,

Thanks for that. I have created a new issue as you are past the version the fix was included in.