Can't use variable name for volume mount

(Chris Mckenzie) #1

Is this a known issue?

(Tina) #3

Hi Chris,
Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’re getting this error assigning variables to Volume Name.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is a known issue. I’d like to confirm this by getting a few more details from you. Can you send me your Octopus Server Version and the Step template you’re using?

Thank you for letting us know about this potential bug. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly and getting this resolved asap.

Kind Regards,

(Chris Mckenzie) #4

We’re using the hosted instance, currently at version 2019.13.4. The step template is a Library Step Template that wraps “Deploy Kubernetes Containers”.

(Tina) #6

Hi Chris,
Thanks for sending over the additional information. This is indeed a bug. I’ve entered a GitHub issue that you can track here, and I’ll update you when it’s been added to a potential release.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

Kind Regards,